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Chef de Maison Ronaldo welcomes you to La Bella Mozzarella. Boasting arguably the best espresso style coffee in Vancouver alongside homemade soups, pasta, paninis and a selection of fine imported Italian foods, Ronaldo strives to bring an authentic taste of Italy to Vancouver.

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  • Excellent food and coffee. Not big or fast, but that is a food thing.

    Stan H
  • Excellent food and very well priced. I love the Italian soft drinks they have in the fridge. You can also bring your own container and buy lasagna, cheese, etc.

    Alison Y
  • “Thank you for all the amazing food you provided for our family events a few weeks ago. The food was amazing, and the lasagna was extraordinary! We really appreciated all you did for us.”

    Shauna Salomone
  • “New and friendly. Great quality sandwiches and espresso… Got to have the fresh burrata.”

    Greg S

Meet our Chef



Chef de Maison Ronaldo welcomes you to La Bella Mozzarella. Growing up in his father’s deli Ronaldo and training under Master Chef Reider, Ronaldo has a keen sense for good food. Curating everything on La Bella’s menu himself, Ronaldo strives to bring an authentic taste of Italy to Vancouver. Come in and taste it for yourself!


Our Barista


Straight from Milan, Clara brings an authentic Italian presence to the La Bella Experience. Happy to provide the Italian stamp of approval on all of our Italian items.. you know the gelato is good when the Italian can’t stop talking about it!


Our Menu


From homemade paninis & soups to ‘arguably the best gelato in town’, fresh cannoli & gelato to imported cheeses and meats, chilled Italian sodas to a curated range of imported Italian items.  La Bella Mozzarella is sure to have something for you…

Catering and Deli Menus coming soon.

Espresso Bar













Hot Cocoa



Espresso with scoop of gelato.


Espresso Soups

Espresso Soups

Made in house with fresh ingredients and reheated to serve using espresso steamer

Cup 5 / Bowl 7

Espresso Mushroom Soups

Wild BC Mushrooms, truffle oil, double reduction espresso with dark chocolate and chili pepper

Espresso Chicken Soup

Chicken, double reduction espresso with dark chocolate and chili pepper

Panini Italiano

Panini 8 / Focaccia 8.5

La Bella Veggie

Pesto, artichokes, roasted red pepper, tomato, mozzarella & lettuce

Tuscan Chicken Breast

Pesto, tomato, lettuce & asiago cheese

Le Genoa Salami

Pesto, tomato, Genoa salami, red pepper, prosciutto cotto, lettuce & tomato

Prosciutto Cotto

Chipotle mayo, provolone cheese, prosciutto cotto, red peppers, lettuce & tomato

La Roma

Italian sausage, chipotle mayo, red peppers & sautéed onions

Spicy Cosa Nostra

Hot Soppressata salami, hot cappicolo, chipotle mayo, lettuce & tomato



Stuffed cannelloni pasta shells covered in Italian sauce

Meat - 3.5 Ÿ Spinach & Ricotta - 5


Fresh lasagna noodles, beef, cheese & tomato sauce


Stuffed Peppers

Spicy Meat / Rice & Veggie


Deli Items

Browse our wide selection of imported Italian goods so you can shop before coming in store. Ranging from balsamic reductions to biscotti to gluten free pasta, our great selection ensures we have Italian imports you need.

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Catering Menu

Browse our catering menu and choose from a selection platters, we have various for all different occasions and they are sure to impress.

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Best Location In Town

Conveniently located just meters east of MEC on West Broadway. Stop by for lunch or as a reward for getting all your shopping done.

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Fresh & Tasty Food

Scroll through a gallery of our food items. Warning: if your mouth wasn’t watering before it will be now.

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Opening Days

We are open Monday to Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 11-5